MAXIKraft Lift the Roof from a Windmill - Video – Heavy Lift News
7 Jun 2024

MAXIKraft Lift the Roof from a Windmill – Video

The dream of owning your own four walls can also end in a circle.

A young couple has now bought a listed Turmholländermühle without a wind turbine from the 19th century in Schafstädt near BadLauchstädt and is converting it into a romantic home.

In order to add a storey to the natural stone building and renew the old roof, the team from Maximum in Leuna was there with a Liebherr LTM1090 -4.2 at the edge of the field.

With eight long lifting belts, team colleague Kai carefully hooked the entire roof including the weathercock at a mast height of 30m without damaging the sandstone masonry.

Then he let the wooden construction, which weighed almost 7t, float gently to the ground like a UFO.

Now the tower stump can grow a little higher and the old mill can get a new roof.

After that, the proud owners want to live comfortably there.






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