MAXIKraft Group Dismantle Zwickau's 40 year old Tatra Trams - Video – Heavy Lift News
7 May 2024

MAXIKraft Group Dismantle Zwickau’s 40 year old Tatra Trams – Video

The Public transport authority in the German city of Zwickau, VerkehrsbetriebeZwickau, are renewing their tram fleet. After almost 40 years service the old trams from the Czech company Tatra can gradually be scrapped.

Recently, the MAXIKraft Group were present when two so-called short-articulated railcars “KT4D” from 1987 were picked up for scrapping.

The transport company Leichsenring from Limbach Oberfrohna had commissioned the MAXIKraft Group to load them at the depot in Zwickau.



In order to lift the two 14t Tatra trams, the MAXIKraft team from KranlogistikSachsen drove up in Chemnitz with two 60t Grove GMK3060L mobile cranes.

After the trams had been brought to the loading area, the bogies were first detached. Then the experienced MAXIKraft crane operators lifted the vehicles off from the tracks with spreaders in tandem and slowly set them down on the low-bed trailer.



The low-loader took them in two journeys to be disposed of by Scholz Recycling.

Finally, the team from MAXIKraft hooked up the four bogies and placed them in scrap containers.

After a good four hours, the job was done – and two tram dinosaurs completed their last journey.





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