MAXIKraft Group Arrive to Install Airco Units in Leipzig … Part Two – Video – Heavy Lift News
14 Nov 2023

MAXIKraft Group Arrive to Install Airco Units in Leipzig … Part Two – Video

Part 2 -The lifting

In order to deliver cooling plants for the  Leipzig University Hospital, the MAXIKraft teams from Leipzig and Kran Logistik Sachsen from Dresden were now working together in Leipzig.

The day before, they had set up the large Liebherr LTM1400-7.1 in front of the emergency room in the narrow Paul-List-Straße with a 77m long luffing jib and full ballast. The Grove GMK4090 mobile crane had assisted for the installation of the luffing jib on the 400t Liebherr crane.

The next morning, their customer Irbis Kälte und Klimatechnik GmbH arrived on site. The long, 5.5t cooling units for the operating area being delivered by truck in time for each lift.



The 400t Liebherr crane lifted them from the loading area on to the roof of the hospital building with a total radius of 80m. Steel foundation frames had already been installed on the roof as substructures. This allowed the cooling units to be safely set down and connected later.



In addition, the team lifted other technical parts and building materials in containers onto the roof. Once completed, the Liebherr could be dismantled and returned to their base in Dresden .

This was an assignment that required a whole day’s work, but now the University Hospital can provide its important medical assistance as usual.






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