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2 Dec 2022

MAXIKraft Goes Fishing in the Danube

The Laufwasserkraftwerk Bertoldsheim on the Danube west of Ingolstadt supplies green electricity for the Deutsche railway. Every now and then, work is needed on the banks of the reservoir to increase the electricity output or to maintain the facilities.



At the end of such a project, the MAXIKraft Group was recently on site for a floating platform with construction equipment that had to be cleared. KahlSchwerlast GmbH contracted Treffler in München for this work, and Treffler brought in support from their parent company MAXIKraft. The colleagues from Maximum were happy to help and arrived in Rennertshofen with a large Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 mobile crane.



The pontoons had served as a floating working platform on the reservoir manoeuvred by boats. Now they lay by the banks of the reservoir ready to unload their cargo, which weighed up to 42 tons. On the first day of the operation, all construction machinery, a crane, equipment, pumps and containers with a radius of 15 meters had to be lifted from the pontoons.

Treffler had already been involved in the planning a few weeks earlier, and by the end of the day, the pontoons were emptied, and all the machinery was on land. The next morning, the pontoons could also be lifted out of the water. Job done!

The fish in the Bertoldsheim reservoir are also happy…



Source MAXIKraft

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