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7 May 2019

MAX Transport Takes Tuff Tri-axel Trailer

A new addition to the MAX fleet, a Tuff tri-axle reverse extendable drop deck trailer.

Its main features include:

  • Reverse extendable, meaning it extends from in front of the rear axles instead of a traditional trailer extending from behind the “gooseneck” – this gives 2 large loading areas with the extension beam in the middle giving a much better support base for portable buildings/switch rooms or loads which require more support.
  • Loading ramps are 4.2m long bi-fold and when extended and lowered give a loading approach angle of only 13deg making access for loading easier for long and/or low vehicles.
  • Loading ramps are fold down/lock in giving 15.4m of clear deck when the trailer is extended.
  • Fitted with a full combination of container locks.
  • Fold down ramp integrated into the gooseneck so smaller items can be driven up onto the gooseneck.
  • Fitted with road friendly air-suspension.
  • Set up with ring feeder for road train operation.

Source MAX, Port Augusta, Australia

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