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6 Aug 2019

Mauritanian Wind Farm Wins Time With ALE

Mauritania’s lengthy shoreline has considerable wind power potential and so the country is looking to increase its ratio of renewable energy. This has led to the commissioning of the €122 million Boulenouar Wind Power Project.

ALE mobilised their specialist transport services to complete the transportation and installation of two electrical transformers, saving time and costs for a 100MW wind farm project near Nouadhibou, Mauritania. Their experience in transportation across a range of sectors enabled them to eliminate a third from the operation’s schedule, which also saved costs.

The abnormal load transport of the electrical transformers, weighing 95t each, crossed over 100km. The route began at the Port of Nouadhibou and finished at a transformation centre.

Once on site, the transformers were unloaded using heavy duty lifting equipment and discharged directly onto rails embedded in concrete. This enabled the transformers to then be rolled on their own wheels to their final position.

ALE was able to mobilise a team at short notice for the operation. For the specialist transport and installation, ALE utilised 6 axle lines of conventional trailer with a 250t capacity tractor, then 90t capacity hydraulic jacks for the unloading.

The new wind farm will be the second in Mauritania with more than three times as much potential power. It will consist of 39 wind turbines and construction is expected to finish in 2019.

Source ALE

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