Matagarup Bridge Project wins Heavy Lift Engineering Award for ALE – Heavy Lift News
17 Oct 2019

Matagarup Bridge Project wins Heavy Lift Engineering Award for ALE

ALE’s heavylifting achievements have been recognised with the presentation of the excellence in Engineering Award at the Heavy Lift Awards event in Antwerp this week.

ALE’s team receiving the award

The award was received for ALE’s installation of the Matagarup Bridge over the Swan River in Perth, Australia. The unique project called for extreme precision to manoeuvre the two sections that would form the bridge’s central arch. The space available was limited and the need to lift the 400t sections so high – 72m above water level – demanded an innovative solution to minimise risk.

Following extensive planning and preparation, each bridge section was loaded-out onto a barge using SPMT. A floatover was performed, during which the section was rotated 180° on the river.

Once the section was in position, ALE utilised its Mega Jack system, built as a construction tower 50m above one of the bridge piers. Strand jacks pulled each section up within only six hours. It was then held securely by the Mega Jack tower until the second section was raised in the same manner and welded to create the complete central bridge arch.

This was the first time the Mega Jack had been used in this way and became the highest ever jack-up performed with the system. ALE’s solution reduced the project schedule, minimised the impact on other construction activities and provided a safer project overall. covered this project linked here and here

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