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25 Mar 2019

Massive 212 Truck and Trailer Order in U.S.A.

The ALL Family of Companies, which includes Central, Dawes, Jeffers and ALT, is bolstering their capability of not having to rely on outside trucking companies, with acquisition of a massive haul of 212 new trucks and trailers. It’s a significant purchase that broadens the company’s ability to offer complete door-to-door crane service.

The order includes 40 Peterbilt trucks, 12 Nelson RGN (removable gooseneck) trailers, and 160 new Manac drop deck trailers. Of the Manac trailers, 100 are 48-ft. (14.6 m) spread axle units, which can accommodate 20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg) per axle anywhere in the United States. The remainder consists of 50 tandem axles, four quad axles and six aluminum flatbeds.

The majority of the Manac trailers (150 of the 160 total) are galvanized, continuing ALL Crane’s investment in galvanizing rather than paint, which can extend trailer life at least twofold, according to the manufacturer.

ALL Crane will take delivery of the entire order through the end of 2019, with units being strategically distributed across all three dozen branches of the ALL family.

Source The ALL Family of Companies

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