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9 Feb 2023

Marr Contracting Accelerates Construction with Larger Lifting Capacity

Australian crane company Marr Contracting (Marr), are recognised as world leaders in the design and delivery of heavy-lift luffing tower cranes and complex cranage services. With a proven track record in helping to de-risk construction, reduce complexity, time and cost, and improve safety their innovative approach is increasingly capturing the attention of data centre constructors across the globe.



By removing complexity from construction, Marr’s bespoke solutions for data centres and giga factory projects aims to improve productivity by increasing efficient access to multiple work fronts while at the same time reducing the total number of cranes on a project. This results in accelerated programmes to commercialisation, lower project costs and importantly, the platform for improved safety, higher quality and ‘greener’ construction.

“We are constantly looking at how we can add value back into a project and that means looking at how we can improve efficiency and secure the constructor’s schedule. The key to achieving maximum efficiency is early engagement with us – and the earlier the better,” says Mr Marr.



He continues, “In one data centre project, the contractor used traditional methods with crawler cranes which sat outside the building. The site became congested, and ‘confused’. Service infrastructure such as power or water couldn’t be installed because cranes were sitting in the way. They were compromised as to what they could lift where and when. In contrast, we worked closely with a client on a recent project, who understood how we could help secure their schedule and support their construction methodology. They adopted our craneage philosophy and their project was completed in half the time of the other build. Now this company has become the partner builder for a data centre provider, and every data centre they build is being completed faster. The last one was completed in just 35 weeks, using our cranes.”

With the knowledge and experience acquired on best practice for the construction of data centres, Marr’s team is now in discussion with clients in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States who have similar challenges.



Source Marr Contracting / TOH PR

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