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1 Sep 2022

Manitowoc Launch Grove TMS800-2 with ‘Big Crane’ Features

The TMS800-2 brings the latest truck crane technologies from Grove to the 80 USt (70t) size class. The new lightweight carrier design capably roads up to 28,000 lb ( 58t )of counterweight with no fall-off loads or wing weights and has capacities that are up to 26% stronger than its closest competitor.

As the successor to the Grove TMS800E truck crane, the TMS800-2 adopts technology and features developed for larger truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes and packages them into an easily roadable 80USt unit.

Boasting a wide range of enhancements covering load charts, powertrain, and setup, the updated four-axle crane is ideal for a range of taxi applications covering renewable energy, cell tower installation, and road and bridge work.




The redesigned, lightweight carrier transforms the TMS800-2 into a true taxi crane with efficient roadability. The crane can carry its full 28,000 lbs ( 58t )of counterweight and remain within axle and tire limits without a fall-off load. In areas with stricter roading laws, the TMS800-2 can carry 18,000 lbs ( 8.16t )and remain under 100,000 lbs ( 45t )GVW (gross vehicle weight), and 25,000 lbs ( 11t )per axle while being in a taxi configuration. The absence of wing weights contributes to the crane’s slim 8.3 ft (2.5 m) travel width. These changes yield substantial transport savings over the lifetime of the crane.




Source Manitowoc Grove

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