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24 Apr 2023

Mammoet’s PTC 200-DS On the Largest Floating OWF – Video

Following its experience during the deployment of the world’s first floating wind farm, Hywind Scotland, operated by Equinor, Mammoet was engaged to undertake turbine assembly and associated port handling work for the  Hywind Tampen offshore wind farm



A critical challenge was the work involved in assembling the entire 8.6 MW turbines – including tower sections, nacelles and blades – onto huge 107m spar buoys that lie mainly underwater. This needed to be performed in the controlled environment of a port – where the whole system could be kept as static as possible – before the completed turbines were towed out to their installation site.

It was  recognized that, “…we would need a crane with a huge outreach to make the required lifts. The majority of land-based cranes in any fleet would not be able to achieve a 143m distance at these weights, but we knew that if it could be done the project would benefit significantly. This would create a smooth production line from marshalling yard to turbine assembly to commissioning – all at the same location – optimizing the use of offshore assets. This led us to look at the use of our PTC 200-DS crane, which is proving to be in high demand for big offshore wind projects such as the Greater Changhua development in Taiwan and Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland.”


Link to 10 minute video and the full description of the Mammoet project link to 10 minute Video and  photographs of the project


Video (1 minute 17 seconds)

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