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18 Feb 2019

Mammoet Sponsor TU Delft Solar Boat

Mammoet is proud to announce it will be sponsoring the Technical University (TU) Delft Solar Boat Team in the Solar and Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco this year.

The team consists of 28 students from ten different faculties at TU Delft working together for one year to design, produce and race a fully functioning solar-powered boat. Furthermore, following their ninth year racing with solar boats, the team have an even greater ambition. They will make a world record attempt to cross the English Channel, the 32 kilometer stretch of sea between Calais and Dover, as the fastest solar boat. In doing so, the team aims to work and innovate alongside the maritime world, showing how this sector can contribute towards a more sustainable future.

For the first time, the TU Delft Solar Boat Team will build a solar-powered boat capable of sailing in open sea. Using new sustainable innovative technologies the team have a completely new and unique design, one which can combat the big waves and currents of open water. Known as a trimaran, not only is the boat bigger and more robust, it has struts which connect the boat to the wings underneath. This allows the boat to rise out of the water once it has gathered enough speed. As a result the boat can rise above the waves, making it a more efficient and faster way of traveling.

Mammoet CEO Paul van Gelder said the team’s ambitions and commitment to sustainable innovation was inspiring and strongly resonated with the company. “This challenge really embodies the Mammoet way of working. It takes great teamwork, dedication, and a willingness to the push boundaries and embrace new ways of thinking,” he said.

“As a company we are continually innovating to stay at the forefront of our industry and our approach to sustainability is no exception,” he continued. “So we are proud to invest in future generations leading the way in more sustainable solutions.”

This year’s TU Delft Solar Boat Team made up of 28 students

from ten different faculties at TU Delft.

Source Mammoet

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