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20 Jun 2018

Mammoet Seeks $2.8M For Unpaid Power Plant Work

20 June, 2018

Industrial transportation company Mammoet USA North Inc. is seeking $2.8 million in damages from a construction joint venture that allegedly stiffed it on subcontracting agreements related to two power plants in New Jersey and Connecticut, according to a filing Friday in New York state court.

Mammoet alleges that Durr-Megrant A JV, a joint venture between Durr Mechanical Construction Inc. and Megrant Corp., was contracted by Public Service Electric and Gas Co. to assemble a heat recovery steam generator for a $600 million power plant facility in New Jersey and a $550 million coal-fired power plant in Connecticut. Mammoet alleges that it was never paid for nine purchase orders related to the New Jersey project and one for the Connecticut project.

According to the complaint, PSEG subsidiary PSEG Fossil LLC contracted Durr-Megrant in 2016 to assemble the heat recovery steam generator at the Sewaren 07 Combined Cycle Project in New Jersey, which is slated to be completed this summer.

Mammoet was subcontracted around December 2016 to provide transport materials such as structural steel, a heavy lift crane and various other materials needed to complete the project.

Mammoet claims it was subcontracted for approximately 29 purchase orders, but was only partially compensated for nine orders and is still owed $2,374,095.

On July 24, 2017, prior to the completion of its work on the Sewaren project, the parties entered into another subcontracting agreement for the Bridgeport 5 Project in Bridgeport, Connecticut.The contract called for Mammoet to furnish equipment and labor necessary to offload units for the heat recovery steam generator. Mammoet alleges it is still owed $467,362 for the work.

Mammoet is seeking damages for breach of contract and unjust enrichment relating to both projects, plus interest.


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