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6 Jul 2018

Mammoet patents SPMT widening adaptor

6 July, 2018

Photo: Mammoet’s patented widening adaptor

New innovation makes SPMT transport of heavy loads safer and more efficient 

Mammoet USA is pleased to announce the acquisition of an American and Canadian patent for a widening adaptor which can expand self-propelled modular transport (SPMT) trailers.

The adaptor, which is covered under US Patent No. 9,834,263 and CA Patent No. 2,931,423, allows for variable spacing of split SPMT trailers, expanding the breadth from 10’ to 21’. When extended with the widening adaptor, the SPMT offers the same amount of capacity with additional stability – increasing the width of the loading platform, without the need to add more SPMT trailer units. This makes transporting such loads significantly more cost-effective and safer due to the increased width. 

Mammoet and Scheuerle jointly launched the first SPMT in 1984. This has had a significant impact on the way construction and maintenance projects in heavy industries are executed. Mammoet has a unique fleet of SPMTs that is unparalleled in both size – more than 3,200 axle lines – and capabilities. Additionally, this fleet is deployed by a team of professionals with unique levels of expertise in designing and delivering SPMT-based transport solutions.

Photo: Mammoet’s patented widening adaptor

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