Mammoet Nuclear Decom in Germany – Heavy Lift News
7 Dec 2018

Mammoet Nuclear Decom in Germany

The EnWB nuclear power plant is situated about 30km North of Stuttgart Photograph – Mammoet

Date 7 December 2018

Mammoet Germany has been contracted by EnBW to remove three steam generators and a pressure holder as part of the dismantling of the Neckarwestheim I nuclear power plant (GKN I).

In 2011, Germany made the decision to phase out nuclear energy by the end of 2022 as part of the energy system transformation process. In direct response, EnBW developed a strategy in 2012 for the safe and direct dismantling of all units of its nuclear power plants. EnBW has commissioned Mammoet Germany with the lifting and removal of the three steam generators – weighing up to 283 tons – and the approximately 90-tonne pressure holder from the GKN I reactor building. Mammoet will use its own DHS-500 system to ensure the efficient and safe discharge of the steam generators. The special lifting system, which was specially developed for use in nuclear plants, will be adapted to the individual conditions of the GKN I unit and attached to the reactor building crane. This way, there is no additional load introduction into the building structures. “Mammoet has deep and longstanding expertise in dismantling and decommissioning nuclear plants. A flawless execution under the highest safety requirements in nuclear facilities has top priority. For this, we exclusively use our highly qualified and experienced Mammoet specialists in nuclear sector,” says Sebastian Albrecht, Director Operations at Mammoet Germany.Source – Mammoet 

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