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31 Aug 2018

Mammoet Maintains Prime Position

Delivering a 101-meter long fractionator 16 kilometers through a sugar cane field for a Louisiana Gulf Coast project required transport equipment to accommodate several 90 degree turns. Photographs – Mammoet

Date 31 August 2018

Mammoet has retained the top position in the The Transport 50 Index which ranks transport companies according to the total carrying capacity of all their specialized transport equipment, measured in metric tons.

Mammoet’s combined capacity adds up to more than 228,000 tons. Their fleet contains 3,150 axle lines of Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) and 4,365 axle lines of conventional modular trailers. The company now heads both the Transport 50 Index as well as the IC50 – the annual ranking of the world’s largest crane-owning companies. 

Jan Kleijn, Chief Operational Officer, said that whilst the number one ranking is an achievement, what counts most for Mammoet is that the company provides safe, reliable and efficient services to their customers, worldwide. “Mammoet’s investment policy is aimed at the ability to serve our customers anywhere. We want to be able to mobilize professionals and equipment swiftly and scale up operations if needed. The size of our fleet and the number of depots we have worldwide are an example of that philosophy.” 

“But there is more to it,” he continues. “Our innovation program is specifically setup to find more efficient and sustainable approaches to meet the transport demands in heavy industry. For example, we have invented a widening adaptor for our SPMTs, which creates more stability for certain types of transport. And last week we  received our first Trailer Power Assist – a system with twice the pulling force of a conventional prime mover unit but without the ballast requirements, which lowers the carbon footprint of major transport projects. Furthermore, all our equipment is subject to strict maintenance programs in order to ensure their safety and reliability.” 

At the height of the Yamal LNG project in Russia, 25 modules with a combined weight of 56,000 tons, were transported in a four week period. At the time 1,718 axle lines of SPMT were working on the site simultaneously.

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