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29 Apr 2021

Mammoet – Hansa Meyer Co-operation on 1,100Km Transport from Thailand to Laos

Mammoet has recently completed transporting around 50 pieces of cargo from Thailand to Laos as part of the Nam Theun 1 Hydropower Project. This project was awarded to Mammoet by Hansa Meyer and saw both teams working closely to execute multiple operations at the same time. Each team displayed their strengths and expertise working together with combined capabilities.

Prior to execution, Mammoet and Hansa Meyer worked closely during detailed engineering, involving teams from Mammoet’s Thailand and Netherlands locations, as well as Hansa Meyer’s trusted engineering partner in Laos. Mammoet’s experience in land transportation and Hansa Meyer’s close coordination with various government offices ensured the approval of permits crucial for the land transportation to take place.

The transport route involved a 1,100km land journey from Laem Chabang to Ban Phaeng in Nakhon Phanom Province, and another 1.1km river crossing journey across the Mekong River to a jetty across the border in Laos. Mammoet’s conventional trailers in various configurations were used for this transportation, across reinforced bridges, along widened roads, and under escort to ensure traffic was safely managed.


The Nam Theun 1 Hydropower Project will be completed this year and will produce approximately around 650MW of energy.


As for the river crossing, both teams had experienced supervisors and operators to ensure high standards were maintained in line with the latest regulations from government authorities, and to meet key project deadlines. Specifically, for barge engineering, a survey was conducted to measure the water depth accurately before the river roll-on was performed. A ramp was also fabricated for the river crossing, due to low water level.

Mammoet and Hansa Meyer were given special permit by authorities in Thailand to use the Ban Phaeng location for this river transportation. All barge crossings were successfully and safely executed observing COVID-19 prevention measures.

The heaviest cargo transported weighed 236t, while the largest measured 1027cm x 370cm x 383cm.

Source Mammoet


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