Mammoet-Haisla J.V. Reaches Next LNG Canada Milestone – Heavy Lift News
18 Jun 2021

Mammoet-Haisla J.V. Reaches Next LNG Canada Milestone

Mammoet-Haisla Joint Venture is pleased to announce it has completed the pile handing scope for the LNG Canada project through JGC-Fluor Joint Venture in Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. This project will export Canadian liquefied gas and put Canada on the global map of LNG exporting countries.

Mammoet-Haisla J.V. provided offloading services for incoming pipe piles throughout the pandemic, completing the scope in March. Over the course of a year, teams offloaded, transported, and placed 6,513 piles. This required 16 mobilizations and demobilizations, 39,078 chains to secure the piles, and over 50,000 working hours on site.

In addition to adjusting and adhering to constantly changing coronavirus safety protocol and local restrictions, teams were also faced with adverse weather conditions. Being on the coast of Western Canada throughout the winter season, personnel saw upwards of 518 days of precipitation during this scope alone.

Under the agreement, the Mammoet-Haisla J.V. scope includes receiving all oversize equipment and modules at the project’s Materials Offloading Facility (MOF), transporting them to the build site, and lifting them onto final foundations. Over the span of three years, Mammoet-Haisla JV will be responsible for the horizontal and vertical movement of more than 350,000t of equipment, the largest items weighing greater than 10,000t each.

Mammoet has begun mobilization of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) for the upcoming work. Crews will handle onsite transport from the ships to the final installation sites. In total, there will be 88 axle-lines of SPMT’s mobilized to address this first delivery of cargo.

The crane scope is set to begin this fall, at which time there will be an increase in SPMT axles deployed. There will be three large cranes on site to kick off the heavy lift scope, including two CC3800s and one LR1600 – accompanied by several smaller support cranes.

Mammoet continues to work with the Haisla First Nation as partners and draw on our broad expertise as an industry leader to effectively deliver major LNG projects worldwide, including in the USA, Australia, and Russia.

Source Mammoet

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