Mammoet Focus 30 in Build at Rometal BV – Heavy Lift News
28 Feb 2020

Mammoet Focus 30 in Build at Rometal BV

New images released by Mammoet show that construction of its pioneering new Focus 30 crane – which will deliver high capacity lifting from within a very small footprint – is continuing on schedule for it to be available for work later in 2020.

The Focus 30 is being constructed to Mammoet’s demanding quality standards with carefully selected suppliers. Fabrication of the crane’s upper and under carriers is being carried out by structural steel specialists Rometal, who were selected for their track record, attention to detail and ability to deliver Mammoet’s innovative plans for the crane.

Once completed, the fabricated parts will be delivered to Mammoet’s Westdorpe facility in the Netherlands for assembly and a stringent testing program, ahead of the crane being available to the market. Jacques Stoof, Director of Innovation and Market Development at Mammoet, commented:

“The Focus 30 will offer clients better site productivity by reducing the downtime required to complete work where space on existing sites is often limited. Its vertical installation removes the time and space requirements traditional cranes require for boom erection, therefore mitigating much of the sequential impact on site operations.”

The Focus 30 has been designed in direct response to client demand for a better heavy lifting solution when working on congested sites. It will be quick to assemble on site, in as little as 10 days, and capable of operating at ground bearing pressures as low as 6t/m2. This makes it a highly appealing asset for shutdown, turnaround and expansion work in the petrochemical and power generation sectors, as well as for civil construction work in busy urban areas.

Source Mammoet

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