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10 Jul 2024

Mammoet contributes to Gold Coast Light Rail expansion project in Australia

Mammoet Australia was entrusted by Deugro Projects, an international project and specialized freight forwarder, with the delivery and unloading of five new trams, essential for the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 expansion in Australia.

The expansion project, spanning 6.7 kilometres from Broadbeach to Burleigh Heads, is aimed to reduce congestion and enhance public transport systems for the Gold Coast region and encompasses the addition of eight stations, five new Flexity 2 low-floor light rail vehicles (LRVs), and new bus and light rail connections at Burleigh and Miami.

Powered by electricity drawn from overhead lines, the LRVs, each comprising of seven modules with a driving cab at each end, were fabricated in Austria and delivered by Deugro Projects to Brisbane, a more than 40,000 km journey.

Upon their arrival into the Port of Brisbane, the 43.5m long trams needed to be transported to the Gold Coast, then expertly unloaded at Queen Street tram station and safely stored in the Southport depot. However, one of the primary challenges for the project was the lack of methodology for offloading the trams onto the tramway tracks, along with strict time constraints related to temporary power shutdowns during the ‘set on rails’ operation.

In-house engineered ramps and heavy-duty winching equipment

Mammoet proposed a method utilizing in-house engineered ramps and heavy-duty winching equipment to facilitate the loading and offloading the trams. These ramps were designed and fabricated using procured rail sections to enable the trams to be pulled onto conventional hydraulic platform trailers. Subsequently, a winch truck carefully maneuvered the trams onto and off the trailers using the rail ramps, ensuring a secure and precisely controlled process.

The strict timing and operational intricacies demanded meticulous planning and execution. Mammoet orchestrated swift mobilization to the Port of Brisbane; offloading from the Roll-on Roll Off (RORO) vessel; police-escorted transportation from the Port of Brisbane to Southport; unloading via the custom designed ramps at Queen Street tram station; and finally, demobilization back to Brisbane in a reconfigured combination – all accomplished within a narrow 12 to 13-hour window.

Mammoet’s success in this high-profile project serves as a testament to its engineering expertise. The seamless execution significantly contributed to the enhancement of the Gold Coast’s public transportation infrastructure, showcasing Mammoet’s dedication to overcoming complex challenges.

Recognized as one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities, the Gold Coast and its pioneering Gold Coast Light Rail (known as G:link) represent the forefront of urban mobility. The Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 expansion, initiated to reduce congestion and enhance public transport systems, is transforming into an integrated network, connecting more people to more places in one of Australia’s most dynamic and fastest-growing cities. Source: Mammoet

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