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8 Aug 2018

Mammoet completed first stage of raising bridge

Mammoet’s mobile jacking unit in action

Date 08 August 2018

Mammoet has successfully completed the first stage of raising a bridge in McAllen, Texas, in order to comply with new road standards and improve safety and traffic flow in the area.

Plans specified that the bridge needed to be raised and Mammoet was chosen to expedite the process. Overall, Mammoet’s execution helped reduce the total disruption from four months to just four days, with crews working only overnight to minimize the inconvenience to local commuters.

The jacking process is being executed in two stages, both utilizing a prebuilt, mobile jacking unit. In the first stage, the westbound lanes of the bridge were jacked up over one meter within a three-hour period to allow for new pedestals to be put in place. It was then lowered to its new permanent height, which now complies with reclassified road standards. Stage two is scheduled to take place later this year and will involve the same operation for the eastbound lanes.

As specialists in the field, Mammoet optimizes civil infrastructure projects to minimize disruption and help manage project complexity, enabling clients to focus on building the physical networks that support our daily lives.

Source, picture: Mammoet

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