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2 Apr 2021

Mammoet Case Study Building Africa’s biggest oil refinery – Dangote Oil refinery.

The Dangote Group planned a world-class new refinery in Nigeria that would reduce the country’s reliance on imported energy and bring with it over 30,000 jobs. It was a project requiring some truly massive moves – among the continent’s largest, in many cases. But before work could even begin, the team had to tame this patch of reclaimed swampland, turning it into a stable heavy lift surface.

To support the drive for growth, Africa is looking to reduce reliance on imports; producing more of its own energy and raw materials. In Nigeria, this drive is led by businesses such as the Dangote Group of Companies, which is putting the finishing touches on the continent’s largest oil refinery in Lekki Free Zone, Lagos State.

This development has been on a truly epic scale. The journey from Dangote’s new, purpose-built jetty to the construction site was more of a commute than a transportation; covering some 10km. Over 52,000t of components were planned for construction – including a 2,000t crude column that is the largest ever fabricated, and the heaviest item ever transported on public roads in Africa: a 3,000t regenerator.

The demands here were not simply to move such exceptional dimensions and weights but also to ensure all components were coordinated to arrive in the desired sequence – minimizing the risk of delays and additional costs.

Mammoet have released this Case Study video of this project, “Building Africa’s biggest oil refinery – Dangote Oil refinery”.


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