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12 Feb 2020

Mammoet Announce Reshaped Top

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Following the recent acquisition of ALE, Mammoet has confirmed details of an expanded regional structure and the appointment of its Regional Managing Directors. The combination of senior staff from Mammoet and ALE will help deliver best client value.

The business organization now consists of five regions in order to reflect the operational footprint of the newly combined business – Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe & Russia (EU/R), Latin America (LATAM), Middle East (MEA) and North America (NA).

The Regional Managing Director roles mirror these five regions and will be occupied by established figures from across the company’s culture. Reporting to Mammoet CEO Paul van Gelder, the appointments are as follows:


  • APAC – John Halfweeg
  • EU/R – Wouter van Noort
  • LATAM – Sergio Vanina
  • MEA – Jack van den Brink
  • NA – Martijn Kuipers

Paul van Gelder commented:

“Our Regional Managing Directors are a strong representation from both Mammoet and ALE, and as such provide a good foundation for preserving the best of both cultures as we continue to integrate and optimize our operations.”

“Importantly, their experience as seasoned engineered heavy lifting and transport professionals will ensure that our newly expanded capabilities deliver the very best value for our clients, wherever they are in the world.”

Source Mammoet

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