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10 Oct 2022

Malin Group’s Transport of the Tay Whale

Last year in October 2021, Malin Abram, Malin Group’s specialist heavy lift business unit transported the Tay Whale, an elaborate 22t  stainless steel sculpture 500 miles along the east coast of the United Kingdom from its build site in Littlehampton to  the V&A Museum in the city of Dundee.



The move was executed by a small group of their heavy lift engineers and other stakeholders, and required careful management of the environmental factors, namely, tight tidal windows in the narrow River Arun at Littlehampton, and alongside the V&A in the fast-flowing River Tay.



The four-day transit along the coast, was accompanied by good sailing conditions, which allowed for dramatic views, reminiscent of its 19th century namesake, as the whale made its way to its new home along the River Tay. Upon barge arrival in Dundee, a complex 3-beam lifting arrangement in combination with a 700t capacity crane was used to successfully lift the whale from the 50m barge aboard which it had safely transported, to its final, proud position on the Dundee Waterfront.





The full story told by Artist Lee Simmons can be found on this link…

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