Major Demag order from Norway – Heavy Lift News
12 Jun 2018

Major Demag order from Norway

12 June 2018

Heavy lift and transport company Crane Norway Group has ordered 11 Demag cranes ranging from 100 to 650 tonnes. The cranes include a 100 tonne four axle AC 100-4L, three 130 tonne five axle AC 130-5s, two 160 tonne five axle AC 160-5s, and four 250 tonne five axle AC 250-5 All Terrain cranes, plus a 650 tonne CC 3800-1 crawler crane.

Chief executive Trond Helge Skretting said: “We have a significant number of new Demag All Terrain cranes in our fleet. The Crane Norway Group has shown its continuous support and believes in the Demag line of products by ordering these cranes. They manufacture products that are of superior quality. The Demag CC 3800-1 is the reference in its class. Every single aspect meets our needs, from performance to safety features and from transportation to efficiency and speed of erection.”

Demag CC 3800-1

Demag/Terex director of sales Europe and Russia Lee Maynard added: “We are delighted to have been chosen as the supplier of choice for this significant package. They were very impressed during a factory visit with the quality of products we are producing at the home of Demag.

This is a huge success for us in Norway and to say we are delighted would be a big understatement. We look forward to growing our relationship further as we move forwards into the future.” Headquartered in Sola, southern Norway, Crane Norway Group was established in 2016 through the formation of a number of Nordic Crane companies. The company’s fleet consists of 150 All Terrain cranes and loader cranes ranging from 30 to 155 tonne/metres. SOURCE: Vertikal

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