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14 Dec 2020

M20 Bridge Delivery by Collett and Sons – Video

The Collett Team have delivered all sections of the replacement East Street footbridge over the M20 near Addington. When completed the bridge will reconnect the communities on either side of the bridge in Kent.

The replacement included 2 large sections with an average length of 33m, accompanied by 8 loads of ramp sections.

The largest bridge section measured:

  • Length 34m
  • Width 6m
  • Height 5m H
  • weight 25t

Due to its unique shape, the section was loaded to sit inside the vessel bridge trailer ensuring it had a loaded height of under 4.95m.

Each section was loaded at the manufacturing site of S H Structures in North Yorkshire. From there, the Collett Team delivered the sections to a shot blasting and painting facility in Scunthorpe. Finally, all sections were delivered to the site ready for installation. In total, each section was transported over 250 miles from start to finish.

All sections were installed during a full motorway closure. Works continued over the weekend of 27 November when footbridge was successfully lifted into place. The platform weighing over 53t was joined together in the air and then lifted into place together by two 500 tonne cranes.

Back in August 2016 an HGV Vehicle collided with the East Street Foot Bridge causing it to collapse. The collapse caused the M20 and M26 to be closed for more than 24 hours.


Source Collett and Sons Ltd

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