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16 Dec 2019

Lutec Clean Air System for Nooteboom Production Hall

A lot of welding work is done at the Nooteboom production site in Wijchen, both manually and by means of robot installations. It is therefore logical that there is nuisance due to polluting welding smoke. An old gas-fired heating system also produced contaminated vapors. No optimum work situation for the production employees.

The old ventilation system in the production hall was based on the process of natural ventilation. Fresh outside air is introduced into the room and contaminated air is discharged from the production hall to the outside. Particularly in the winter period, this meant that the (cold) outside air supplied had to be continuously heated. The result: considerable energy consumption and therefore a high bill.

LUTEC, a well-known supplier of a pleasant and sustainable working environment within trailer construction, was also allowed to use its expertise for Nooteboom. After making an inventory of the wishes and research of the location, the system was implemented. This system contains all facets that are needed to achieve a clean and healthy working environment. Sophisticated air flows effectively remove the welding fumes. In addition, air filtering takes place with a very high efficiency, up to 99.95%. And finally the filtered air is also air-conditioned. The air is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer by means of energy-efficient adiabatic cooling. For optimum ease of use, everything is controlled and controlled centrally from one system with one control.

At the final delivery of the air treatment installation, an air quality measurement was, of course, carried out. This showed that the concentration of contaminated substances was well below the maximum permitted standards. A significant improvement compared to the results of previous measurements. Nooteboom is therefore very pleased with these results. The investments made brought an enormous improvement of the air quality in the production hall. The fact that considerable savings are also made on the gas bill, is of course a bonus.

Source  Nooteboom

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