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12 Mar 2020

LR 1300 SX Crawler Crane – the Next Generation

At this year’s Conexpo Liebherr Werk Nenzing GmbH presents the LR 1300 SX of the new generation. The crawler crane impresses with many innovative assistance systems, which both increase operational safety as well as simplify handling. The elegant new cabin design has many features for high operator comfort.

The LR 1300 SX, which belongs to the newest generation, has a lifting capacity of 661,387 lbs (300 t). For heavy loads, the crane can be fitted with a derrick boom in combination with an additional counterweight. The new suspended counterweight of the LR 1300 SX no longer has a fixed counterweight radius and instead can simply be hydraulically displaced.

Crane operation can be demanding during lifting jobs – even when the hook is empty! If the center of gravity of the crane is too far forward, there is a risk that the crane can tip when lowering the boom and jib.

The Liebherr assistance system “Boom Up-and-Down Aid” indicates the approach to the tipping border and automatically stops operation before the operator unintentionally enters an unsafe zone. It assists the operator in leaving the danger zone without having to activate the safety bypass switch. The new Liebherr LR 1300 SX is fitted with wind sensors on the main boom and jib. Both the measured wind speed and the actual crane configuration (boom length, boom angle) are taken into consideration when calculating the current hazardous situation for the crane. When the conditions become too dangerous, the system gives a warning. The actual status is visible for the operator in the cabin at all times. At wind speeds of (imperial mph) 10-16 m/s the operator can adjust the maximum lifting capacity through a simple selection on the control panel.

source Liebherr


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