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26 Feb 2021

LKAB Selects Konecranes’ Service Contract for Arctic and Northern Swedish Sites

Konecranes has won a multi-year Service contract with international mining and minerals group LKAB for the maintenance of some 1,600 assets across four sites in northern Sweden and the Arctic Circle. Konecranes won the deal thanks to its proven technology and ability to enhance customer safety and productivity, even under the most challenging of conditions.

LKAB’s mines in northern Sweden are remote and subject to harsh winter weather, with temperatures frequently below -20C. Inside its facilities, some of the equipment needing regular servicing sits more than a kilometer underground in hard-to-reach places, and massive industrial doors cannot fail given the stable temperatures needed to ensure the successful iron ore production process. Precise planning, fail-safe technology and safety are paramount.

“Konecranes was already our supplier in Malmberget and based on that work we agreed to expand the scope to cover the entire company, including our subsidiaries. The multi-year agreement gives us the opportunity with Konecranes to plan a common long-term maintenance approach for the future, and we look forward to starting these next steps,” says Johan Rotmalm, contract owner at LKAB.

Konecranes will service industrial doors and lifting equipment at LKAB’s sites in Kiruna and Svappavaara, above the Arctic Circle, as well as lifting equipment in Malmberget and Luleå. The contract also covers access to Konecranes’ leading digital tools for smarter service so LKAB can develop a maintenance plan that maximizes production uptime.

The agreement underscores Konecranes’ lifting industry leadership, powered by investments in digitalization and technology and a strong commitment to help customers and industries transform so they run more efficiently, sustainably and safely.

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The LKAB Site in Kiruna, North Sweden

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