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14 Jun 2021

LINDØ port of ODENSE Rebrands as ODENSE PORT Today

After today, you will never hear another word from LINDØ port of ODENSE.

The port will be launching a new brand which will, nevertheless, still be familiar.

In recent years, they have been working to find out what they are, what they do and what they can promise. They will inform people, give a feeling of what Odense Port is and give many more people the desire to find out what Odense Port is and what the port can do.

They will encourage the pride in being a brand where they cultivate the international business possibilities of the future together. They will celebrate that every day, new business adventures and jobs are being created, and sustainable quantum leaps are being made. The port is Denmark’s largest port measured in square metres, but also the industrial park that can embrace the needs of the customers with understanding, willpower, creativity and collaboration between people and the courage to say yes.

Therefore, from June 14th, 2021 they are changing their name to ODENSE PORT – with the promise: “We embrace a growing world”.

Formally, the only thing this means is that when billing, the invoice will either be sent from or addressed to Odense Port, and not to LINDØ port of ODENSE. The address, account numbers and CVR-number remain the same (38437011), just as this will not influence contractual agreements, terms or contact people.

They will start by establishing the brand internally and locally. In the coming weeks (24 and 25) a comprehensive campaign for Odense Port will be launched throughout Odense, Munkebo, Kerteminde and the Port. The port intends to thank their employees and partners, but also the citizens in Odense, because as co-owners, they are a big part of the great potential that is cultivated here every single day.

Featured Title photograph courtesy of Kim Wendt and Odense Port

Source Odense Port

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