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29 May 2018

Linden Comansa teams up with Gabay Group for Israel

Flat-top tower crane model 16LC220 was tested and approved by the Standards Institute of Israel.

29 May 2018

Tower crane manufacturer receives order from the construction company, who also becomes exclusive dealer in the country

Construction company Gabay Group has become Linden Comansa’s exclusive dealer in Israel. Both parties signed a three year contract in March 2018, after Linden Comansa’s tower crane model 16LC220 successfully received the approval from the Standards Institute of Israel. An official from this public authority visited the manufacturer’s facilities in Spain, together with staff from Gabay Group, to test the tower crane and check the machines in detail. This official approval is compulsory to import any tower crane into Israel.

The deal between Gabay Group and Linden Comansa includes the immediate purchase of three tower cranes model 16LC220 12t, plus other units throughout 2018 to reach the goal stated in the contract. These first three 16LC220 tower cranes will become part of Gabay Group’s fleet, and their first job will be the construction of the Hadar ve Yosef residential complex in Tel Aviv.

Stablished in the late 1980s, Gabay Group is one of Israel’s leading construction and real estate companies. Becoming Linden Comansa’s exclusive dealer in Israel is part of the plan from Gabay Group to expand its business and enter the tower crane market in both sales and rental.  SOURCE: Comansa

Eric Taboul from Gabay Group (in the middle), with Martín Echevarría and Andrea Bristot at Linden Comansa’s headquarters in Spain.


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