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23 Apr 2024

Liftra Announces ATOMS Progress

Together with SOLVE WIND, Liftra is pleased to share that the production of the first ATOMS platform is progressing according to schedule!

Once completed, this ATOMS platform will enable on-site major corrective maintenance for offshore wind turbines with the Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane, without mobilizing a jack-up vessel.


This image shows the stern floating structure starting to take form.


The ATOMS platform is easily mobilized with the help of a standard tugboat. Once the platform is close to the wind turbine, an approach winch system guides it safely to the turbine structure. Here, the ATOMS technology couples directly to the turbine structure itself. After coupling, the ATOMS platform sits stable with fixed-bottom turbines and moves synchronously with floating turbines, allowing the crane work to begin on either technology.


This photograph shows the Liftra crane working with a conventional barge.


When the corrective work has been completed, the ATOMS platform simply uncouples and is towed back to shore by the tugboat. The coupling system is easily adapted such that the same ATOMS platform can connect to different turbine structures – no changes or adaptations are made to the turbine itself.

Production is scheduled to be completed by Q3 2024, and the first demonstration of the ATOMS platform is planned before the end of this year.


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