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19 Mar 2020

Liebherr Training Seminar in Saudi Arabia Enhancing Crane Operation Efficiency

Well trained specialists are the key to the success for every company. With its professional range of training courses, Liebherr helps crane operators, dispatchers and also the crane contractor management teams to increase their expertise and ensure that they use mobile cranes safely and efficiently. Around 50 people recently attended a management seminar organised by Liebherr in Saudi Arabia. The course was held in Dammam on the east coast and particularly provided information about the benefits and added value of the innovative technology featured on Liebherr mobile cranes.

Technical innovations have made mobile cranes more powerful, safer and also more efficient. The benefits of the new technologies can only be exploited to the full, however, if crane operators have received the appropriate training. Not only is the skill of the crane operator on site important in this respect, but the expertise used to plan jobs in advance is also vital.

The seminar in Saudi Arabia was therefore particularly aimed at the management teams at crane contractors and companies which often require crane operations. Around 50 people from a total of 20 companies found out more about the benefits of the VarioBase® variable support base, ECOmode functions, the new TraXon gearbox and the single-engine concept used on Liebherr mobile cranes.

Practical – equipment to touch and use to supplement the theoretical training.


They also discovered how to plan crane jobs efficiently using the LICCON job planner. Uwe Laitenberger, Technical Trainer at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, took responsibility for a large proportion of the seminar programme. He commented: “The increase in economy is often a question of good planning – and it is here that we want to provide our customers with the best possible support”.

The theoretical part of the seminar was supplemented by practical exercises on the cranes. Two LTM 1100-5.1 and LTM 1160-5.2 all-terrain cranes, an LRT 1090-2.1 rough-terrain crane and a LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane were provided for this purpose.

The feedback from the delegates was extremely positive. “The programme covered a very helpful range of topics and was extremely enriching and informative. Learning in a relaxed atmosphere was great”, said Animesh Banerji, Manager – Contracts & Projects – at Al-Shuwayer, in rating the seminar. The fact that Saudi Aramco, the largest crude oil producing company in the world, also valued the seminar a great deal, was shown by the fact that the company sent eight people to attend.

Ajanthas Kumarathas, Mobile Cranes Division Manager at Saudi Liebherr Co. Ltd, was delighted: “The feedback from the delegates has encouraged us to organise these seminars on a regular basis in the future to provide our customers with even more support. Our concept to show the added value of Liebherr cranes and their functions to complete jobs even more efficiently and safely proved very popular”.

Theory – Liebherr innovation deliver a wide range of benefits for crane jobs.

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Feedback – the delegates were very positive about the seminar.

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