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9 Jan 2023

Liebherr LHM 800 Arrives at Port Esbjerg

The new Liebherr LHM 800, the world’s largest mobile harbour crane, arrived last week in Port Esbjerg and made the port the best equipped port in Europe regarding mobile crane capacity. Port Esbjerg now has five Liebherr mobile cranes. Next summer, the collection will grow to six cranes when a LHM 600 is set to arrive at the port.

“We still have an ambition to be the world’s leading originating port for wind power. Components in the wind industry keep getting bigger and bigger, and we’ll be even busier at the port in the coming years. Therefore, we need the capacity to load two ships simultaneously, which is now possible,” says Port Esbjerg CEO Dennis Jul Pedersen.

With the new LHM 800, Esbjerg will be one of only three ports in the world able to offer tandem lifts with two LHM 800 cranes carrying 616 tonnes.

The arrival of a Liebherr LHM 800 in Esbjerg had been delayed following an incident in the Kiel Canal on 30 November 2022 when a LHM 800 crane bound for Esbjerg was damaged while attempting to pass under the bridge in Holtenau, at the western end of the canal.

The vessel concerned, or a sister vessel from the shipping company, was reported to have returned to Liebherr in Rostock with the crane where it could be inspected for repair, or replaced.


Source Port Esbjerg


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