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30 Jan 2020

LGH Lifting Bridge with Enerpac SL100 Gantry

Lacking space for a mobile crane, heavy lift equipment rental company, LGH, has used its Enerpac telescopic hydraulic gantry to assist their customer in removing the Steenhuisenbrug bridge at Burdaard in Friesland, The Netherlands. Mounted on a pontoon, the Enerpac SL100 gantry provided a stable lift for the 48T bridge deck and its transportation.

An Enerpac SL100 gantry positioned on the pontoon.

As part of a regional programme of highway upgrades, the Steenhuisenbrug bridge is being refurbished and temporarily replaced with an emergency bridge for pedestrians. Located in a congested residential area, LGH’s customer was unable to deploy the mobile crane it normally uses for these types of lifts. However, the Enerpac SL100 gantry was perfect for the project.

Positioned on a pontoon either side of the bridge deck, slings suspended from the gantry’s header beams were attached to the deck. Using the gantry’s wireless controller, the deck was lifted clear of the bridge and the pontoon rotated allowing the deck to be moved 100m along the waterway. The deck was then lifted by crane onto nearby land for refurbishment over the next 6 weeks.

“We rent out our Enerpac gantry wherever a crane is impractical, or space is restricted,” says Niels van der Breggen, national sales manager / BDM Heavy Lifting, LGH.
With technical back up from Enerpac, we support companies involved in industrial movements and machine relocation. For this project, the use of the SL100 was a very creative and practical solution developed by our customer with the help of our technical sales engineer Rick Heeres.”

With a lifting capacity of 100 ton, the Enerpac SL100 Super Lift hydraulic gantry uses a narrow 610mm track gauge for accurate load positioning in confined or limited-access spaces. It is easy to mobilise and demobilise and includes self-contained hydraulics allowing quicker and safer deployment. Each gantry leg features self-propelled wheels for travel along the narrow-gauge track together with an Intellilift synchronised control system, providing wireless control, unrestricted operator position, and automatic synchronisation for lifting/lowering and traveling.

Featured Title photograph : Transporting the bridge deck suspended from the Enerpac SL100 gantry.

Source Enerpac / Agenda PR


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