Launching of Weser bridge, Germany – Heavy Lift News
18 Jun 2018

Launching of Weser bridge, Germany

18 June, 2018

ALE has completed the launching of the Weser bridge, weighing 1,030t, in Fuhlen, Germany. 

Services Required

The bridge was jacked-up 2.5m using four 285t climbing jacks. ALE then installed a total of 56 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 4 file 14, two 70t capacity strand jacks and six stationary skidding towers.

During the first stage, the bridge was supported by only two of the towers and was launched 26m. In the next stage, another two towers supported the bridge until ALE had launched it 67.5m. In the final stage, the remaining two towers supported the bridge, as ALE launched the structure a further 41.5m.

ALE used the two strand jacks to launch the bridge over the stationary skidding towers.

The SPMTs and two of the towers were released and removed to ensure there would be enough clearance for the bridge to reach its final position.

ALE installed eight 15t capacity climbing jacks on the abutments and transferred the bridge’s weight onto the jacks. Once this was complete, the remaining four towers were removed and the bridge was jacked-down.

When the bridge was 1cm from its final position, ALE’s correction system was used to install the bridge with an accuracy of 5mm in all directions.


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