Last Liner Assemblies Signal Completion of Global Energy Group's Fabrication Work for Balfour Beatty plc at Hinkley Point C – Heavy Lift News
25 Jul 2023

Last Liner Assemblies Signal Completion of Global Energy Group’s Fabrication Work for Balfour Beatty plc at Hinkley Point C

Global Energy Group is pleased to announce the successful completion of the fabrication and load-out of the final two Liner assemblies, at the Port of Nigg facility, for EDF (UK)’s new nuclear Power Station – Hinkley Point C. This complex engineering and fabrication project has been executed by GEG’s fabrication division, on behalf of leading international infrastructure group, Balfour Beatty plc.

The Liner assemblies are a crucial component of the nuclear power plant’s cooling system, which will circulate water to the two nuclear reactors. These components consist of a carbon steel shell with a Super Duplex Cap Support Unit.


The initial phases of the project began in 2019 and involved early engagement with the Client, Balfour Beatty and the designers to provide practical input to design concepts & development. Following this GEG fabricated test rigs and trialled the manufacture of “first of kind” components for validation of the design.

The manufacture and fabrication phases then commenced with production of six 5.3m diameter Liner assemblies, six vertical transport frames and six 6m diameter Casings. In total around 3,200t of steelwork were manufactured, including significant elements of the Liner Cap Support Unit assemblies which were made from forged, welded, and machined Super Duplex material.



The project supported up to 240 skilled manufacturing, engineering & quality function jobs at peak production at GEG’s Port of Nigg and Invergordon sites. In addition, other supply chain facilities were utilised throughout the duration of the contract.

GEG has developed a significant track record within the nuclear industry and is recognised as a trusted partner as a result of their ability to manage, manufacture & fabricate to the stringent quality standards, as required for Nuclear Build Quality Levels 1 & 2.




Praising the work of GEG’s fabrication division, Graham Cowperthwaite, Chief Operating Officer commented: “The key to successful completion of this unique and innovative scope was the highly collaborative and integrated approach between all the parties including GEG’s specialist supply chain. This created a solution-driven and dynamic environment focused on safety and quality compliance with an optimised delivery outcome.”

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is one of the largest construction projects in Europe, involving the construction of two nuclear reactors in Somerset, England. The power station will generate clean, reliable, and homegrown electricity for 6-million homes.



Hinkley Point C is one of Britain’s biggest projects in the fight against climate change and is a critical part of Britain’s energy future. Alongside wind and solar, its large volumes of low-carbon electricity will help give the country a secure energy supply – without dependence on fossil fuels.

Source Global Energy Group

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