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7 Nov 2019

Laso Transportes Through Tunnels and Curves With Goldhofer THP/SL

When the Portuguese special transport company LASO Transportes SA was awarded the contract to transport a 70 m long and almost 300 t heavy metal component from Vale de Cambra to the port of Leça da Palmeira, some 60 km away, for shipment to the port, one thing was quickly clear: it would only be possible with the THP/SL heavy-duty modules by Goldhofer.

A distance of just about 60 km by car separates the small town of Vale di Cambra and Leça da Palmeira. Considering the route conditions, a driver would be at the port in just over an hour. The heavy transport of a power plant component weighing almost 300 t over this distance, on the other hand, presents far greater challenges. Not only do narrow curves, crossings, and roundabouts have to be driven through, but also bridges and tunnels with weight and height limits.

To ensure that the huge component (70 m x 5.6 m x 5.3 m) could be delivered to the port without any major detours, the transport solution had to offer maximum flexibility as well as the lowest possible dead weight and minimum overall construction height of the loading deck. LASO’s transport experts therefore used two six-axle THP/SL heavy-duty modules. Thanks to their high bending moment and many possible variations, these were best suited for transporting the heavy metal colossus smoothly to its destination.

Engineers had already prepared road studies accurate to the millimeter in advance so that an optimum route could be planned without gaps. This made it possible not only to prepare individual road sections in good time for the nightly transport – for example, by removing traffic lights – but also to implement escort convoys and police barriers on schedule. The result of precise organization and ideal transport solutions: Within two nights, the power plant component was on time for further shipment at the pier.

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