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13 Jun 2022

LASO Transportes Places Order for 27 Trailers from Faymonville’s MAX Trailer

Within only 15 years, the Portuguese company LASO Transportes has become one of the key players on the European special transport market with locations in many countries.

The evolution goes always ahead and for their constantly growing business, MAX Trailer vehicles have been chosen now to strengthen the fleet further.

LASO counts on reliable premium quality vehicles, which MAX Trailer is able to deliver. A total of fifteen 3-axle flatbeds type MAX200 are being delivered over the coming months. These platform trailers with 22.5” tires and friction steered axles can be extended to achieve a platform length of maximum 21,100 mm.



Additionally, the LASO specialists opted for six extra low telescopic MAX200 platforms on 17.5” wheels, as well as six new 3-axle semi low loaders type MAX100 with extendable platform and integrated wheel recesses. These vehicles are particularly versatile to transport different types of construction machinery or other freights.

All these new MAX Trailer vehicles will be used now within the European network from LASO.

Source Faymonville MAX Trailers

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