LASO Takes Delivery of 18 New Actros 6x4 Heavy Duty Tractors from Mercedes-Benz – Heavy Lift News
14 Aug 2023

LASO Takes Delivery of 18 New Actros 6×4 Heavy Duty Tractors from Mercedes-Benz

LASO acquired 18 new Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Actros 6×4 Heavy Duty model with torque converter with the purpose of reinforcing the company’s transport response capacity and safety, reducing fuel consumption and improving the comfort of their drivers.

LASO’s investment in a new fleet arises from the intention to improve efficiency in special and long-distance transport with vehicles endowed with technical characteristics of quality and superior performance combined with a greater reduction in fuel, therefore less polluting, and even greater comfort for the driver.

The concern with sustainability leads LASO to invest more and more in reliable and fuel-saving automotive technology, it means, in Euro VI emissions technology to become a less polluting transport company. Low fuel consumption can contribute decisively to the profitability of the truck, but this fleet reinforcement means a global technical improvement of the work tool, translating into profitability for LASO in all aspects.

The new 18 vehicles have specific characteristics that set them apart, such as: having 16-liter engines with 630 horsepower; and be equipped with a high-capacity heavy-duty torque converter, with a robotised and automatic gearbox. In addition, they have cabins with a new dimension of comfort, stimulating the driver’s productivity and preventing fatigue. This combination of characteristics allows drivers to start, brake and manoeuvre in areas of high technical difficulties, guaranteeing the safety of the goods in each transport.

These new vehicles offer LASO drivers efficient resources to carry out transports with even more accuracy and quality. LASO has no geographic limits, so these new vehicles will help the company continue to overcome obstacles around the world. Exceeding its customers’ expectations and offering the best transport solutions are LASO’s priorities and its investments are always oriented in this direction.




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