LASO Completes Complex Transport to CSWind Portugal, S.A. – Heavy Lift News
12 Jul 2023

LASO Completes Complex Transport to CSWind Portugal, S.A.

LASO has completed the transportation of wind turbine tower flanges to CSWind Portugal, S.A. in Aveiro last week.

Originating in Oliveira de Frades, the operation began on July 3rd and ended the same day in Aveiro.



Given the complexity of the operation, the flanges were over 3.5m larger than usual with a diameter of 8.60m, a set of precautionary procedures was necessary including a police escort, as well as the LASO company pilots. Disregarding normal traffic signals, the loaded trailer took up  the complete carriageway on one side of the A25.



The choice of equipment is paramount to the success of the transport. In this case, the ideal equipment was a directional semi-trailer, allowing the loading of large and heavy loads, and is extendable and flexible, facilitating more complex manoeuvres.



An individual selection of equipment and procedures is made for each and every operation performed by LASO.




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