LASO Basque Country Transports 6m wide Compressor on Challenging 150km Route – Heavy Lift News
17 Jun 2024

LASO Basque Country Transports 6m wide Compressor on Challenging 150km Route


On 3 June, LASO País Vasco completed the transport of a 6m wide compressor from Eibar to the CLDN Terminal in the Port of Santander. This project represented a significant logistical achievement for the subsidiary, given the complexity of the route and the size of the load.

The planning of this transport began in March, with a thorough analysis of all the details to ensure that the solution presented to the client met their needs and requirements, and anticipated the obstacles and challenges along the way.

The 6m width and 4.5m height of the compressor required special care when choosing the equipment to be used, not only to facilitate transport manoeuvres, but also to ensure the compressor’s stability. For this reason, an extendable lowered platform was used. In places with the tightest bends, parts of the compressor had to be dismantled, as some roads were only 6.50m wide.

This project relied on the dedication and professionalism of the Basque Country team, including the sales department, technicians and drivers. The continuous assistance of the Ertzaina (Basque Country Police) was fundamental to guaranteeing safety throughout the 150km journey.

“This transport demonstrates the alignment of LASO Basque Country’s values with the rest of our subsidiaries. It was a great challenge and we are very proud of the success of this operation. The professionalism and commitment of everyone involved in overcoming all the obstacles is to be commended,” shares the Basque Country team.

This project reaffirms LASO’s commitment to providing quality logistics and special transport solutions, demonstrating its technical and operational capacity to face complex challenges. The company thus continues to consolidate its position in the market, showing confidence in its ability to overcome logistical difficulties and commitment to customer satisfaction.





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