Large Power Transformers Transported by LASO Mozambique for Mozal Smelter Project - Video – Heavy Lift News
1 Jul 2024

Large Power Transformers Transported by LASO Mozambique for Mozal Smelter Project – Video

LASO Mozambique recently completed a significant project with the import and transport of two large power transformers, each weighing 122t, designed to improve the operation of the Mozal plant. This project also included the transport of a rectifier transformer with a height of 6m. With an experienced team and special equipment, the transport was successfully completed.



The operation began with the arrival of the transformers in Maputo, where LASO Mozambique coordinated the unloading and preparation of the transport. The complexity of the operation was mainly due to the condition of the roads, bridge restrictions and accesses in the Mozambican city. The transport involved detailed logistics and the use of specialised equipment, such as modular trailer axle lines, to guarantee the safety of the transformers throughout the journey.



The collaboration between LASO Mozambique and various partner organisations, such as Mozal, MzBetar, EDM – Electricity of Mozambique, Revimo, Trac, ANE, Maputo City Council, Xenith Media, DP World and UPF, was crucial to the success of the project.



Transporting large and heavy goods presents numerous logistical challenges.



This transport required interventions such as the temporary removal of signalling and detailed route planning to ensure that the goods could pass over the planned roads and bridges.



“Carrying out this transport was a significant challenge due to the size of the transformers and the road restrictions involved. The co-operation between the Mozambique subsidiary and the partners was essential to the project success” says LASO. 



The client expressed great satisfaction with the work carried out by the company. The transport was carried out safely, without damage and on time, demonstrating LASO’s competence and efficiency in complex logistics projects.



LASO Transportes continues to consolidate its position as a leader in logistics and special transport, demonstrating its technical and operational capacity in highly complex projects. 






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