Lanko®force Synthetic Riser Tethers for Layang Field Development – Heavy Lift News
27 Apr 2018

Lanko®force Synthetic Riser Tethers for Layang Field Development

26 April 2018

Lankhorst Euronete Portugal has supplied Lanko®force synthetic riser tethers to integrated technical services company, Dialog – Malaysia, for the Layang field development, located in Block SK10, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia, at a water depth of approximately 90m.

The three riser tethers use Dyneema® DM 20, a high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) rope, for permanent subsea anchoring of flexible risers and flowlines.

Lanko®force synthetic riser tethers are designed to hold risers and flowlines in position, connected to subsea production systems such as well manifolds, wellheads, Christmas trees and well jumpers. Each of the Layang development riser tethers is a single leg connecting a hold-down riser clamp with a tether anchor.

They will tether two production risers and flowlines, and a gas export riser and flowline connected to a FPSO.The riser tether has a Lanko®force rope construction with a 12-strand braided rope core made from Dyneema DM20.

The high modulus polyethylene core provides the strength and mechanical performance expected of these long-term tethers. The entire rope core is protected by a braided polyester jacket and polyurethane coating and includes ROV handling points for ease of installation and spliced eyes at each end.

The Layang field is operated by JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Limited (NIPPON).  

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