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14 Jul 2023

L.A. van den Heuvel Boosts Fleet with New Broshuis Trailers

The L.A. van den Heuvel B.V. family business from Werkendam, Netherlands was officially established in 1993. Since its establishment, Van den Heuvel and Broshuis have been firmly connected, a company history and collaboration of which Broshuis are also proud.

“The healthy cooperation and partnership lies in Broshuis’ open culture, their quality products and good service.” says Leonard Sr. Together with his sons Bas and Leonard Jr. they run the family business from Werkendam. A nice central location amid their loyal customers for whom they are available day and night.

Currently, Van den Heuvel’s fleet consists of 35 trucks. The latest trailers ordered from Broshuis are from the larger category – a 3-axle single-extendable pendulum-axle low loader type PL2 HD, and the very latest addition – a double extendable 8-axle pendulum axle semi low loader.



Executed as a 2+6 combination with PL2 pendulum axles. With this vehicle, a 40m long loading floor can be created. The 2-axle dolly is easily detachable, making the trailer also usable as a 6-axle semi low loader. The 2-axle dolly is linkable to the 6-axle axle set. This makes the trailer suitable for a possible extra “joker axle”, extra extension beam or to apply more prestressment for heavy loads.



The 3-Axle PL2 HD low loader is characterised by its ultra-thin floor of 250mm. The loading floor can be linked so that extension beams can be built in between or to give the loading floor more prestressment for heavy loads. There is no lack of lashing eyes. Both on the outside of the loading floor and on the inside there are numerous certified 10-tonne lashing eyes. The loading floor also features steel sections where crawler cranes can easily be loaded and turned without damaging the trailer. The neck is also suitable for a 4-axle tractor and the corresponding tonnage allowed in the Netherlands.

Leonard Sr., “Broshuis supplies every axle type. We already have the normal beam axles and the SL axles in our fleet. And from now on, we also have the pendulum axles. It is nice to have a supplier who has everything in house so we can choose the right solution for each type of trailer and job.”



Source Broshuis


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