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14 Jun 2018

Kuenz Reveals Freerider RTG – Wheeled Automation

18 June 2018

Kuenz showcased a new rubber-tired gantry (RTG) crane, the ‘Freerider’, at the floating pavilion in Rotterdam last night.

The port equipment engineering company has claimed that the Freerider RTG will “lead a new path in the daily RTG business”, and will be sharing more details about the new machine at TOC Europe in Rotterdam.

David Moosbrugger, CEO at Kuenz, and his colleague Michael Geiger, the company’s Sales Director, presented the new features of the Freerider RTG at the unveiling — a ‘Spider’ hoist system and the ‘One Hand’, which Kuenz designed to be the “easiest crane operating system in the world”.    

Kuenz said its primary objective was to design an RTG crane for more efficiency and faster container handling, with a high level of motion ?exibility for more convenience and increased safety for the operator.



Its new Freerider RTG has increased stiffness, increased speed and reduced gantry structure weight.

The Kuenz Spider hoist system is a new, precise working, and faster hoist system, which, according to the company, offers “the most stable hoist and rope reeving in the market”.

Providing the control, the Kuenz One Hand was engineered for more accuracy and more comfortable, ergonomic operator control.


The crane´s gantry structure is an innovative, patented aerodynamic design and manufactured as a stiff and robust single girder with an aerodynamically shaped main girder and A-shaped posts.

Four traveling gears, each consisting of four rubber tires, are equipped with a steering gear, which allows for different travel directions.

The stiff aerodynamic gantry structure and the robust rope tower of the patented Kuenz Spider allows a significantly higher travel speed, even with a fully loaded container.


 A special eight by two rope reeving system is also part of the Kuenz Spider, which consists of eight rope drums to create a rigid rope tower with a mechanical anti-sway in all directions and is able to move in trim, list and skew directions.

In its announcement, Kuenz said: “In summary, the Kuenz Freerider is an overall stiff product, which allows for changes to the future of RTG operation.”

For more insights visit Kuenz at TOC Europe – Stand D20

SOURCE: Port technology

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