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31 Aug 2018

Kuebler Hauls Heaviest in Southern Germany

Heaviest transformer transport ever in Southern Germany. Photographs – Cargo Equipment Experts 

Date 30 August 2018

Kuebler Spedition, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany, reports on their transport of a 272t heavy transformer from Nijmegen, Netherlands to Kupferzell, Germany. This was the heaviest transportation ever carried out through the Schwaebisch Hall region in Southern Germany.

Based on careful planning, over 1.5 years, the transport started in Nijmegen where it was loaded onto a Rhine river vessel to Heilbronn in Germany. From there he transformer was transported to Michelfeld on one of the Kuebler Spedition special hydraulic-lifting heavy duty trailers. These are certified for carrying a 350 ton load and able to lift the cargo upto 1.5 meter high over obstacles on the road. The transformer arrived at Kuebler Spedition’s Heavy Cargo storage in Michelfeld, which is specially equipped for the storage of oil filled transformers. This storage facility is situated just off the official heavy cargo transport road for that region.

After a complete closing of a major highway the transport convoy passed through several small villages enroute, where the villagers looked on in amazement and others where the villagers doubted whether a transport of this size would be able to pass through. But everywhere it went the onlookers marvelled on the size, the complete length of the special trailer and the tractors, not only pulling but also pushing where needed.

More than 30 people were involved in planning this remarkable operation. On arrival, on time, in Kupferzell the escorting police and transport insurers inspector stated: “Everything worked like textbook and we are very satisfied with the work delivered by the Kuebler Spedition team”.

Source Cargo Equipment Experts

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