Kübler Drive through Central Munich - with a 215t Gas Turbine – Heavy Lift News
17 Apr 2020

Kübler Drive through Central Munich – with a 215t Gas Turbine

We are all experiencing almost empty roads, thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown so what better time to take a very heavy transport on the direct route form A to B?

This was the situation when Kübler Spedition transported a 5 m high and 5 m wide, 215-tonne gas turbine across the city of Munich in mid-March to its final destination at the Heizkraftwerk Süd using 34 SCHEUERLE InterCombi axle lines.

The power plant component was part of one complete order consisting of two of these turbines as well as two generators with each of them weighing 177 tonnes. In order to deliver the turbine to the power plant, the Kübler team had to dig deep into its bag of tricks as downtown Munich is an area that has cellars underneath it almost everywhere and the numerous bridges along the route are in poor condition. As a result, the load had to be distributed over numerous axles. A step-by-step approach was actually required to push the axle loads also under twelve tonnes.

Kübler used 34 InterCombi axle lines from SCHEUERLE for the transport. However, due to the combined vehicle length of up to 90 metres along with a width of 6.4 metres, the production facility in Pfedelbach had to lengthen the beams of the boiler deck in order to be able to continue slewing when cornering while, at the same time, use a second deck in the company´s fleet which Kübler had in the meantime also purchased due to the exceptional  product quality of the equipment made in Pfedelbach – and then carry out the complete assignment whilst under immense time pressure.

It only took ten weeks from the idea regarding the design and manufacture of the beams to the actual transport itself. Once again, a record-breaking achievement by the special vehicle experts from SCHEUERLE.


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