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25 Feb 2021

Krone Unveil Solar Powered Telematics Unit for Swap Systems

Krone has developed a new version of the Krone Smart Collect telematics unit for its popular swap systems. The highlight: thanks to the integrated solar panel, the telematic unit runs autonomously and maintenance-free after installation.

Especially the booming parcel logistics and automobile logistics increasingly rely on swap transports, both in road haulage and combined transport. Tens of thousands of swap bodies and swap boxes are often on the road for weeks on motorways and on the rail network before they return to their home depot. Since they do not have a power supply – with the exception of the refrigerated swap bodies with a refrigeration unit – battery management is a constant challenge.

For these operations, Krone, as a leading supplier of swap bodies, has developed the new Krone Smart Collect Solar (KSC Solar), which, thanks to the built-in super capacitor, can use the stored solar energy in the range from -20 °C to +60 °C, i.e. even in extreme temperatures. Even during longer periods of gloomy weather, the integrated battery lasts up to around 445 hours and thus survives more than 18 days without sunshine. 

When installed, the compact KSC Solar (230mm x 130mm x 21mm) is safely recessed between the roof strips on the KRONE swap body. Having undergone extensive field testing, the solar-powered telematics unit is available immediately and is offered for new swap bodies ex-works and as a ready-to-fit retrofit kit.

With the KSC Solar, Krone is closing the gap of swap bodies that are not permanently powered, thus offering telematics for the entire fleet. Krone Smart Collect was successfully introduced in 2016 and is now in use on more than 24,000 trailers.

Source Krone


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