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6 May 2018

Kriegers Flak OSS Topsides Touch Down in Baltic Sea

The installation of the KFE module which will connect the Danish and the German grid.

7 May 2018

Heavy lift vessel Rambiz has installed the Kriegers Flak substation topsides in the Danish Baltic Sea, Energinet reports.

The Kriegers Flak A and the Kriegers Flak B substations will collect the power generated by Vattenfall’s 605MW Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm and deliver it to the mainland.

The Kriegers Flak E module, part of the KFB substation, will also provide a link between the Danish and the German grid and enable the exchange of renewably sourced power.

‘The KFBE substation was installed first and is the largest of the 2 substations. Its installation consisted of 2 separate lifts: first the KFB topside, after which the KFE module was placed on top. The smaller KFA substation was installed shortly after, whereby all 3 lifts including allowance works were completed in only 2,5 days,” Scaldis, the owner and operator of Rambiz, told Offshore WIND.

The KFBE substation is part of the Combined Grid Solution project run by Energinet and the German transmission systems operator 50 Hertz.

“With this installation, we have passed the most expensive risk in the project. The loss of a platform from the crane would delay the project for more than a year and have huge consequences. Therefore, it is a great relief to see all three platforms in their right place,” said Energinet’s Project Manager, Jens Chr. Hygebjerg.

The platforms are expected to be powered on October 1, 2018, but before the connection can be put into commercial operation, additional work needs to be done both on land and at sea, Energinet said.

The Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm is expected to become operational by 2022. SOURCE: OW

Photos: Energinet

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